Learning to Glide

How much are flying lessons?

Instruction is free, but you pay for the launch and for the airtime in the glider.

Winch Launch - £8.25

Airtime (Instructed) - First 10 minutes free, then £25.92 per hour

Airtime (Solo in our ASW19) - £9 per hour

A typical training flight will fit in the 10 minutes free airtime.

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I want to fly powered aircraft can CUGC help?

At CUGC we only fly unpowered gliders. However, you may find that it is cheaper (an much more fun) to learn to fly gliders then convert to powered aircraft rather than start straight off in powered aircraft. CGC can do conversion from gliders to a National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) in our motor glider. For a powered licence you need a minimum of 40 hours at about £200 per hour to get a licence. Gliding can count towards 10 hours of this time at a much cheaper rate.