Varsity Success

Date: 2nd September 2012

Location: Gransden Lodge Airfield, home of CUGC


Cambridge team: Malcolm Morgan (captain), Iain Butler, Fiona Llewellyn-Beard

Oxford team: Natasha Spottiswoode (captain), Chris Ballance, Joel Scott-Halkes


Result: Cambridge beat Oxford 38 points to 16


CUGC Week- Day 3


Well, since this is mainly a meeting of Cambridge undergraduates, I was chosen to write the mandatory blogpost of tonight in order to keep the standard high. My mates here are basically investing all of their mental ressources trying to get me drunk by constantly pennying me.

Let us get factual: the conditions have been quite good. The airfield was still quite wet, but we got over it. Some starts were quite splashy, though.

CUGC Week - Day 2

The rubbish weather of late has foiled us - and the rain overnight has proved to be frustrating. A runway that ducks are swimming on is not conducive to aviation, and the fantastic sky was just to spite us. Nevermind we amused ourselves with more juggling.

Oh and Iain our chairman fell asleep...... 

CUGC Local Exped

So we've gathered at Gransden to celebrate the end of exams with a week of flying. A mixture of solo, pre-solo and first time pilots have linked up so it's looking like it'll be a good week. The first day has gone well everyone got between 6 and 8 flights despite the looming rain and the forecast is looking promising for the rest of the week.

Iain our chairman has demonstrated he is unable to juggle.....