Introducing CUGC Micro Tasks

As part of our on going work to make it easier to learn to glide, we are introducing the CUGC Micro Tasks. These are intended for early solo to bronze pilots who do not yet have a cross country endorsement. Pilots with this level of experience are allowed to go:

  • Up to 15km from the airfield
  • As long as they are within a 20:1 glide ratio of the airfield
  • And in sight of the airfield


However, early pilots rarely go that far out and tend to stay much closer to the airfield. The Micro Task are all within the 15km limit, and come with helpful information on airspace, navigation, and safe heights to be at each turnpoint.

The purpose of the Microtasks is twofold.

  • To aid in learning about cross country flying, by allowing early solo pilots to attempt simple tasks, learn about turnpoints, loggers, and the BGA ladder.
  • To allow all solo pilots to participate in the BGA Ladder and the Cuppers competition.


We have only put a few up so far but expect more tasks, and more detail to be added over the coming months.