One fine day

It can seem, after getting up at 7 in the morning and starting to cycle out at 7:30, that it's then very unfair to arrive at the airfield only to find everybody sitting around waiting for the spitting of rain-trying-to-happen to cease and desist. However, I would advise everybody who encounters this situation to do exactly what I did, which is basically to nap on the couch.

However, by 12 we had gliders out and were ready to launch ourselves into the great sinkbowl that was the sky. On the third launch, I was convinced this was going to be one of those expensive days of circuit-bashing. Which is when IT happened. We flew into an 8 knot thermal and were away! An hour and a half of gorgeous soaring, only interrupted by the voice of the instructor telling me not to fly  'like an agriculural driving a tractor'. I'm assuming I mishear this, and he was in fact comparing my extreme elegance of movement and coordination to ballet instead. 

Coming down is always a depressing experience, especially when you don't have to. Usually, the sneaky instructor will pretend you need some practice using the airbrakes or more stalls, and out of the sky you topple. However, this is the first time I didn't mind one bit, as I have today flown one of the most marvellous things I have ever flown, namely my very first LOOP-THE-LOOP! I couldn't help singing loudly on the way back to Cambridge. Someday that person being awesome in the air, that'll be me!