A blog post! (and an aerotow)

I may get murdered in the night by a mysterious person whose name begins with 'M' unless I write a blog post, so here it is! As unpolished as I can make it, to make sure that nobody will be forcing me to write these too often.

And the big news is: I have aerotowed for the first time in my life! Having got control of the glider at about 800 feet, my goal was to keep the tug at the same position on the canopy 'as a squashed fly', as the instructor put it. Of course, when he did it, that was exactly what it looked like. As soon as I got control, the fly came alarmingly alive, and there is not a single part of the canopy it did not roam to.

Having got to 2000 feet, I then proceeded expertly to find the areas of most sink, and then do some (if I say so) very beautiful tight turns in them, the goal being to be the fastest person ever to be back on the ground after an aerotow. This I managed admirably, having taken exactly 13 minutes. The next goal is to bring this down to 10, which will save an extra 5 minutes of soaring fees. Minimizing these fees is of course the sole reason for my existence.

The exciting adventures continue this evening, when I shall be single-handedly attempting to wrench the sun from behind the clouds it likes to lurk behind.