Kent Expedition Day 7

A nice day at last! The promise of wind onto the ridge and the occasional bit of sun had us getting the airfield ready in record time. The pre-solo crowd got some nice soaring flights on the ridge, with some successful first landings.

Malcolm prepared to do his Silver height, a 1000m climb required for the third Silver leg. Unperturbed by his earlier failures, he readied the ASW19 and launched onto the ridge. He made fine progress, climbing a full 100m, before dropping back to earth. This made it his most successful flight of the expedition, but returned with 3 failures out of 3. 

Iain Butler marked the one real success of the week, by passing his Bronze written test, completing his Bronze qualification.  In other news, thanks go out to Monique for the generous donation that has increased the fund for the purchase of a DG505, to 7p.