Kent Expedition - Day 5

An early start for everyone this morning: the forecast looked great with strong south-westerlies and sunny spells, and we wanted to make the most of what looked like it would be a good day. All were up and raring to go by 8! I travelled over to Charing on the train to arrive in time for lunch.

Unforuntately I could only see 50 yards of the Kent countryside outside the train window, certainly not enough visibility to go gliding. Forecasts are not to be trusted. 

Boldly, we continued with the misadventures of the Kerbal Space Programme. Today's task was to get a spaceplane in Earth orbit. No-one succeeded, and there were many tragic deaths. Then we went for a walk. Graham was entrusted with the navigation, and this turned out to be a bad idea. Nevertheless we eventually made it back to the club. Dinner in the pub should provide some consolation.