Alex Ward Memorial Fund

The fund was set up in 2012 following the untimely death of Alex in a cycling accident.  Alex had been gliding with the Cambridge Gliding Centre initially as part of the Cadet scheme and subsequently to a high level of cross country and competition flying.

The fund has been set up with generous donations from family, friends, gliding club members and employers, with a view to helping glider pilots under 25 undertake more adventurous gliding and/or enter competitions which (without aid from the fund) they might not otherwise contemplate.

The club will make an annual award which should be used to provide a high level of accessibility to a glider or gliders for use by the applicant to further the object – encouraging him or her to undertake flying which develops the skills in the way demonstrated by Alex during his flying career. 

The committee have agreed that the 2013 award will be full membership of the “single seater scheme”.  This gives full access to and booking facilities for use of the ASW24, Discus and Pegasus.

Applications are invited from pilots aged under 25 on 1 April 2013 and, in the first instance, should be made to the Club Secretary before the end of February. 

The application should be by letter, submitted electronically, laying out details of flying experience to date, aims and targets for the coming year(s), and giving information regarding the applicant’s non-flying commitments (eg education and work) for the coming season.  Whilst a full financial picture is not required, an indication by the applicant of the way in which the award will affect their ability to enhance their gliding will be expected.