Enjoying the freedom of cross-country — despite the idiot at the controls

It was a day to make the first attempt at a long cross-country, a day when the pundits were off doing 500k's I reckoned I could maybe do half of that, so a 200k it was. A look at the weather suggested a nice into wind leg, would take me to the northwest, so a trip to look at Grantham and Rutland Water on the way out was on, the turning towards a spot out in the countryside near to Northampton, and finally a gentle drift home downwind at the end of the day (black line in the picture).

Varsity 2013

In a closely contested varsity match at Bicester, Oxford won by 371 point to 352.

Captain Malcolm Morgan and Joe Roberts represented Cambridge against Chris Ballance and Matt from Oxford.

Day 1 - Saturday 31st August

Fifth Time Lucky

After three attempts to do my silver height, always foiled by logger problems. The opportunity to do it came up again. With only two problems.

1) It was very windy with a constant 25 knots from the south west.

2) The cloud base was only just high enough

For safety I was carrying two loggers, I have learnt my lesson the hard way.