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Enjoying the freedom of cross-country — despite the idiot at the controls

It was a day to make the first attempt at a long cross-country, a day when the pundits were off doing 500k's I reckoned I could maybe do half of that, so a 200k it was. A look at the weather suggested a nice into wind leg, would take me to the northwest, so a trip to look at Grantham and Rutland Water on the way out was on, the turning towards a spot out in the countryside near to Northampton, and finally a gentle drift home downwind at the end of the day (black line in the picture).

Kent Expedition Day 7

A nice day at last! The promise of wind onto the ridge and the occasional bit of sun had us getting the airfield ready in record time. The pre-solo crowd got some nice soaring flights on the ridge, with some successful first landings.

Kent Expedition Day 6

Rain, Jenga, Story time with Malcolm, Rain,

However then the sun came out and the hanger doors were opened. With the gliders ready and the wind onto the ridge, Monique, Simon and Nadanai got their first taste of ridge soaring, with a few extended flights between them.

Kent Expedition Day 2

A day characterised by flying: CU came out and joined the Kent fleet at the launch point. Nadanai got into the two-seater for the first time in six months and made progress towards re-soloing. Meanwhile as I got ready for a flight, Malcolm came running over begging to use the asw19 for his first cross-country - his 50km Silver leg.

CUGC Week - Day 2

The rubbish weather of late has foiled us - and the rain overnight has proved to be frustrating. A runway that ducks are swimming on is not conducive to aviation, and the fantastic sky was just to spite us. Nevermind we amused ourselves with more juggling.

Oh and Iain our chairman fell asleep......