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Going Solo

When starting to glide, 'go solo' is a phrase of holy powers, a near-impossible achievement which the weather will prevent you from ever reaching. You can imagine, dear reader, that actually to get to that day when it happens is, so to speak, rather a big deal.


In which are extolled the Hidden Talents of Various Members of CUGC

It has come to the attention of this blogger that some CUGC members are of the opinion that gliding clubs are for gliding only. This situation needing immediate rectification, and CUGC members needing exercise, a variety of members were kidnapped and transported by secret submarine to a ceilidh, where not only were they expected to dance  but also to balance 10p coins on a lemon.

One fine day

It can seem, after getting up at 7 in the morning and starting to cycle out at 7:30, that it's then very unfair to arrive at the airfield only to find everybody sitting around waiting for the spitting of rain-trying-to-happen to cease and desist. However, I would advise everybody who encounters this situation to do exactly what I did, which is basically to nap on the couch.